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Nuvo Vu LED Surgical Light (160,000 LUX)

Original price $11,367.00 - Original price $33,191.00
Original price
$11,367.00 - $33,191.00
Current price $11,367.00

Vu LED Surgical Light at a Glance

  • Adjustable color temperature (3,800° to 4,800° K)
  • Brilliant 160,000 lux output
  • 50,000-hour-rated LED life
  • Cross Focus Technology provides superior shadow control
  • Near zero radiated heat
  • Complete range of mounting options
  • Optional “in-light” HD camera
  • “Green Mode” for low-light, minimally-invasive surgery

Brighten your surgical outcomes

The Nuvo Vu LED Surgical Light is brighter, whiter, cooler and more capable in the operating room than any previous technology. So you get the most accurate colors with unparalleled shadow control — and virtually no heat emission. All this for a value that’s hard to match.

Vu LED Color Temperature at Your Command

Different surgeries have different lighting requirements. The Nuvo Vu’s warm-white and cool-white LEDs allow the flexibility to adjust color temperature as needed, with five settings between 3,800° and 4,800° Kelvin to meet the surgeon’s specific needs. Lower color temperature emphasizes the reds, while higher temperature provides cooler white. The Nuvo Vu also features a “Green Mode” for minimally-invasive surgery.

Cross Focus Technology.

Delivering the purest, most uniform white light. In developing the Nuvo Vu LED Surgical Light, we took into account not only how LEDs operate but also how the human eye perceives color. The result is a remarkable optics technology that sets a new standard in surgical illumination by delivering the purest, most uniform white light possible.

To compensate for inherent LED color imperfections, we developed an ingenious lens that merges all emitted colors into one focused beam of very white light, affording you unparalleled color accuracy.

The Nuvo series incorporates a special front diffuser lens system that individually re-directs each beam into a single, coherent, even light field.

Greater control is close at hand

Controlling the brightness and position of your surgical illumination is critical. With the Nuvo Vu, it’s simple. Just reach up and press the center button on our removable, sterilizable control handle to adjust brightness. Or rotate the handle to adjust the light pattern without moving the light via our exclusive Cross Focus Technology. Along its periphery, the Vu’s non-sterile handles allow positioning of the lighthead from outside the sterile field.

“In-Light” HD Camera Option

The Nuvo Vu affords you the option of having an HD video camera mounted in the center of the light. This way, you can have two lights illuminating the surgical site without having to add another arm for the camera. And it assures that the camera is pointed directly at the surgical site without it getting in the way—or the surgeon coming into the camera’s field and causing a shadow. The Nuvo Vu Surgical Light also offers a separate stand-alone camera option.

  • Stand-alone camera option.
  • 1080i high-definition
  • HD-SDI video output
  • 20x optical zoom/12x digital zoom
  • Auto and manual focus
  • Sterilizable handle - standard
  • Operates from remote Wall Control

The perfect fit for any size OR.

The Nuvo Vu LED Surgical Light offers a variety of mounting configurations to suit the specific lighting needs of your hospital or ambulatory care center. A wide range of lights and video support are available. As an example, you can have up to two lights and two monitors which are ideal for larger surgical situations.

Optional Touchscreen wall control enhances efficiency in the OR

Nuvo gives you the option of a touchscreen wall control. The wall control panel communicates wirelessly, managing one, two, or three lights as well as the HD Video Camera. While you focus on operating, your nurse or assistant can control light intensity, color temperature, Green mode, plus camera functions — all remotely.