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Amico Vacuum Regulator, Sentinel SSA-C2UT-OM, Analog, Continuous 2 Mode, Tubing Nipple, Ohmeda Male, White, USA Color Code

by Amico
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Amico Vacuum Regulators are the most technologically advanced in the healthcare industry. Their modularity allows for easy upgrade from Analog to Digital and from Continuous to Continuous Intermittent models. Their digital regulators are the first of their kind in the marketplace. They improve patient care by providing greater accuracy and an easy to read gauge compared to conventional Analog Regulators.


  • (Sentinel Only) Only regulator that detects contamination in REAL TIME
  • (Scout Only) Only regulator on the market with a disposable, see-through back body
  • Disposable body eliminates need for cleaning
  • Helps to eliminate the dangers of over-suctioning by virtue of design
  • Quick and easy maintenance - serviced in under 2 minutes
  • Full bodied color-coding options for inventory management
  • Ability to upgrade from Analog to Digital gauge
  • Ability to reverse flush

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