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Masimo Non-Contact Skin Surface Thermometer Infrared Skin Probe Handheld

by Masimo
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The TIR-1 is a non-contact, clinical-grade infrared thermometer with Bluetooth connectivity. This non-contact module reduces the risk for patient cross-contamination while reducing costs and waste by eliminating the need for probe covers and other disposables. It is intended for human body temperature measurement in people of all ages without contact to the body and is to be used by medical professionals.

The TIR-1 Thermometer is capable of providing forehead temperature measurement across all patient populations. The simple, one-button operation delivers results in seconds, reducing measurement time compared to traditional methods.

The Bluetooth technology automates data transfer to a connected Masimo device, such as the Root Monitor, enabling streamlined integration into the bedside device and EMR. Patient data, including temperature, is aggregated by the Masimo bedside device. Masimo Patient SafetyNet or Iris Gateway converts data into HL7 and automates the transfer to the hospital EMR.