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Zoll AED Plus

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The AED Plus® is the only AED with Real CPR Help®, real-time CPR feedback to help rescuers save a life. Only half of all sudden cardiac arrest victims will need a shock, while 100% will need high-quality CPR. Real CPR Help guides you every step of the way, telling you—and showing you— whether you need to “Push Harder” or whether you’re providing “Good Compressions.”

Providing CPR is stressful, even for medical professionals. Recognizing this, ZOLL introduced Real CPR Help in 2002. Since then, numerous studies have confirmed how important CPR is to survival from sudden cardiac arrest and how difficult it is to gauge whether you are doing it well.

The American Heart Association issues guidelines on how fast and deep chest compressions should be. But how do you know if you’re pushing hard enough and fast enough to meet those guidelines? You shouldn’t have to guess—you should know. That’s why the AED Plus will tell you to “Push Harder” or reassure you with a “Good Compressions” message. And an adaptive metronome helps you meet the recommended compression rate.

User-friendly Electrodes Design

Speed is of the essence when treating a cardiac arrest victim. ZOLL’s CPR-D-padz ® electrodes feature a unique one-piece design to ensure fast and accurate placement. These electrodes come with a rescue accessory package, which contains scissors and other items that may be required.

Low Cost of Ownership

The AED Plus can help your organization’s bottom line. Once installed, the AED Plus has a low total cost of ownership, especially when considering the logistics of tracking and changing pads and batteries over the life of the AED. Thanks to the long shelf-life of the consumables, when you compare the cost of maintenance over 10 years, this is the most cost-effective AED to own. The AED Plus is powered by lithium batteries (available from retail outlets) that last five years, and the CPR-D-padz ® electrodes last five years as well if they are not used.


With an IP (ingress protection) rating of 55, The ZOLL AED Plus has among the highest resistance to dust and moisture.

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